Dragonheart 3 The Sorcerer’s Curse 2015 Watch Online

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Dragonheart 3 The Sorcerer’s Curse 2015 Watch Online

When aspiring knight Gareth goes in search of a fallen comet rumored to contain gold, he is shocked to instead find the dragon Drago. After Drago saves Gareth's life the two become intricately bonded, and must work together to defeat an evil sorcerer and stop his reign of terror. Along the way, Gareth learns the true meaning of being a knight in this fantasy action-adventure for the ages.

When future knight Gareth gets into search of the decreased comet rumored to contain platinum, he’s stunned to instead get the monster Drago. After saves Garethis existence both should interact to destroy an evil magician and prevent his reign of fear, and become elaborately bonded. On the way, Gareth discovers the actual meaning of being a soldier in this fantasy action-venture for the ages.


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