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Escape 2012 Watch Online
Escape 2012 Watch Online
Anora Lyn, Blaize Andres, Celicia Arnold
Drama, Thriller



Husband and wife doctors Paul and Kim Jordan need a drastic change. Distraught by the inexplicable death of their baby, Paul (C. Thomas Howell) convinces Kim to abandon their American lives and join a medical mission in Thailand. It seems to be just the distraction they need, until the day Paul is kidnapped by human traffickers who need a surgeon to operate on their wounded leader. Kim is left alone in a strange country, trying desperately to find her husband with no proof of what happened. While captive on the gangs' secluded island, Paul is caged with Malcolm Andrews (John Rhys-Davies), an Englishman being held for ransom. With nothing to do but talk, the two men quickly clash over philosophy, as Malcolm relies on a bold faith in God and Paul believes no god would allow these evils to happen in the world. Paul takes another hit when he finds his patient's condition much worse than he can handle on his own in such primitive conditions... Written by Anonymous (


Wife physicians Robert and Kim Jordan and husband desire a severe change. Distraught by the mysterious demise of these infant, John (C. Thomas Howell) convinces Ellie to depart their National lives and join a medical mission in Thailand. Before the time Paul is kidnapped by individual traffickers who need a physician to work on the hurt chief it seems to become only the disruption they need. Betty is left in a peculiar place, seeking desperately to seek out her spouse of what happened without proof. Although captive around the gangs’ remote island, Henry is caged with Malcolm Andrews (John Rhys Davies), an Englishman being used for ransom. With nothing to complete but chat, the two guys swiftly collide over idea, as Malcolm depends on a bold religion in Paul and Lord believes no god allows these evils to happen in the world. John requires another reach when he finds his individual’s condition significantly worse than he can handle on his own such medieval conditions… Compiled by Anonymous (

It is a huge account an excellent production with marvelous celebrities leading just how, of payoff. C. Howell performs with a health care provider named Robert who, along with his spouse, Kim, head to Thailand to scientifically address the poor. Betty can be a believer who says her Bible but Henry is suspicious, even comparing the Bible whilst the form of account by which she shouldn’t drop the bunny hole (as in Alice in Wonderland).

Nevertheless, all doesn’t move properly for Robert and he discovers he it has truly been named to look after the captain of the number of devils and has been misled when he is summoned to look after a pregnant person. Although kidnapped, the devils are gradual to follow along with physician’s orders and place their leader at risk. Scott crosses the road of Malcolm Andrews (John Rhys-Davies) who was kidnapped by the pirates and devote a mobile when they stole his boat. Malcolm begins to work with John and is actually a Christian. They shortly end up in just as much hazard, as once they were taken or more and plan their escape.

This history it is one of many finest DVDs I’ve seen in recent memory and addresses of love compromise and trust. The suspense of the plan builds whilst the history continues and it is vibrant statement of belief is relaxing. We strongly urge people watch this DVD and we’re suggesting it for ages twelve plus as a result of few moments that are intensive. Escape can be a great thriller with overtones that are spiritual. It is not to be missed. Five Doves for this 1 without reservation!


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