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Ghost World 2001 Watch Online
Ghost World 2001 Watch Online
Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi, Thora Birch
Comedy, Drama
Capitol Films, Granada Film Productions, Jersey Films



A quirky girl tries to figure out what to do now that she had graduated from high school, and forms a friendship with an eccentric 40-year-old record collector after playing a prank on him with her best friend.


A woman attempts to figure out what to do now that she’d graduated from high-school, and varieties a friendship by having an odd 40 – year old file collector after enjoying a prank on him along with her best friend.

Ghost World’s best variation is its unique soul. Here is a deadpan humor about kids that are alienated that manages to be surpassingly odd, smart, excessively funny and mysteriously charming at the same moment.


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