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God of Thunder 2015 Watch Online

Defeated on the battlefield by Thor, Loki is brought to Odin for justice. But by using his guile and trickery, Loki escapes to Earth. There he will conquer mankind and raise an even larger army to use in his quest for domination throughout the Nine Realms. Enraged by devastation of his home, Thor pursues Loki, but in the journey, he is rendered defenseless, awakening on Earth without his mighty hammer, or his memory. Alone and disoriented, Thor is besieged by Loki’s followers, hell-bent on stopping him…at any cost. Enlisting the help of a female human companion, Thor fights his way North, in search of his mythical weapon. Finding his hammer, Thor’s identity and prowess are restored and he must now prepare himself for a final climactic battle with Loki, to prevent the overthrow of the universe.


Beaten to the battleground by Thor, Loki is delivered to Odin. But by utilizing his guile and trickery, Loki escapes to World. There he boost a level larger military touse through the entire Seven Areas in his search for control and will conquer humanity. Enraged by hardship of his household, Thor pursues Loki, however in the voyage, he’s taken defenceless, arising on Earth without his infamous claw. Disoriented and alone, Thor is surrounded by Loki’s enthusiasts, hell-bent on stopping any price that was him…at,. Hiring assistance from an individual friend that is female, Thor fights his way North, in search of his mythical tool. Discovering his sort, Thor’s identification and power are restored and he should now make herself to stop the overthrow of the galaxy.


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