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Replicant 2001 Watch Online
Replicant 2001 Watch Online
Ian Robison, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Michael Rooker
Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller
777 Films Corporation, Artisan Entertainment, Millennium Films



Scientists create a genetic clone of a serial killer in order to help catch the killer, teaming up with two cops.


Professionals produce a hereditary clone of the serial killer to be able to support catch the killer, crawling with two police.

Double Trouble for Van Damme again! Another Jean-Claude Van Damme film that perceives with enjoying with two characters him tasked. In spite of its shaky popularity this isnt half negative, it offers what most Van Damme supporters anticipate, namely bonkers unreliable science and battles. Story has Van Damme like a fire engaged serial killer who is generally one step prior to the police. Enter technology as being an opportunity to clone the monster arises and also this sets in motion the wheels of the Van Damme clone looking to come to phrases with his unfamiliar earth as he, and worldweary officer Jake Riley (Michael Rooker), go about capturing the unhinged mad man.

Its of course silly but its incredibly exciting activities by Van Damme a big pile of fun, and with the strong existence of Rooker supplemented by two, picture is in good arms. The fight views are smoothly interesting and choreographed, with manager Ringo Lam clearly alert to what makes a Van Damme flick work. But-its above-average its not perfect Van Damme and really worth looking into for all those so prepared. 6/10


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