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Teen Beach 2 2015 Watch Online

Dive in and rock out with the hottest surf sequel under the sun! Now that summer's over and school has begun, Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mack's (Maia Mitchell) relationship seems headed for a wipeout — until Lela, Tanner and the "Wet Side Story" kids show up! Dazzled by the novelty and variety of the modern world, Lela wants to stay, but the real world and the "reel" world just don't mix. Can Mack and Brady find the magic to get the kids home and get their own romance back on track before it's too late? Packed with electrifying song & dance numbers and hilarious fish-out-of-water wackiness, "Teen Beach 2" is "wow-abunga" fun for everyone!

Teen surfing sweethearts Brady and McKenzie are swept into the movie musical "Wet Side Story" when they crash beneath a wave. In the film, bikers and surfers battle for control of a local hangout, and Brady and McKenzie inadvertently alter the movie's romantic storyline when a handsome surfer falls for McKenzie and a cute biker girl swoons for Brady.

Dive in and rock-out using the coolest scan sequel beneath the sun! Given that summer’s around and institution has initiated, Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mack’s (Maia Mitchell) romance appears headed for a wipeout — until Lela, Tanner along with the “Wet Side Story” children appear! Surprised by the modern world’s uniqueness and selection, Lela wants to stay, however the real world along with the “reel” world just do not blend. Can Mack discover the wonder to have the children property and acquire their own romance back on-track before it truly is too late? Full of electrifying amp, tune &; party amounts and fish that was amusing -out-of- wackiness, ” Seaside 2″ is “wow- abunga” enjoyment for all!


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