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The Drownsman 2014 Watch Online
The Drownsman 2014 Watch Online
Caroline Palmer, Michelle Mylett, Ry Barrett
Fantasy, Horror, Thriller



After almost drowning in a lake, Madison finds herself bound to a life of fear. Unable to describe what happened to her during the moments she was underwater, she begins to develop hydrophobia: an abnormal fear of water. Crippled by her post trauma, Madison attempts to shut out the world but her fear intensifies and she is faced with the vision of a dark figure that haunts her day and night. After watching her struggle for one year with the phobia and visions, Madison's four friends attempt an unconventional intervention in which they accidentally open a floodgate to a dark place where none of them are safe. As Madison and her friends dive deeper into the dark history of this figure that haunts them, it reaches out and begins dragging them to a horrifying place that they can never come back from.


Madison sees herself destined into a living of dread, after almost drowning in a sea. Unable to summarize what happened to her throughout the occasions she was marine, she starts to build up hydrophobia: an abnormal concern with water. Crippled by her article stress, Madison endeavors to shutout the entire world but her anxiety intensifies and she is up against the black number that haunts her day and night’s perspective. After enjoying her struggle for one year with all ideas and the anxiety, Madison’s four buddies try an unconventional mediation by which a floodgate unintentionally opens to some dim place where do not require are secure. As Madison and her friends plunge deeper in to the dark history it reaches out and starts hauling them into a horrifying location that they can never return from.



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