The Secret of Arkandias 2014 Watch Online

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The Secret of Arkandias 2014 Watch Online
The Secret of Arkandias 2014 Watch Online
Christian Clavier, Isabelle Nanty, Pauline Brisy
Adventure, Family
Les films du 24, UGC Distribution, Umedia



Theo, not the most popular boy at his school, dreams of escaping the dreary everyday life, experiencing adventure and accomplishing great heroic deeds. His dream seems to be fulfilled when, one day, he finds a very old and magical book in the library and fascinates him with a short hand. He forges the plan to forge a ring with his best friend Bonav and the rebellious Laura, who can make him invisible. The charm succeeds, but the three friends conjure up all sorts of dangers of magical, but also secular nature. Only the mysterious red wizard Arkandias can now help you out of trouble.


Theo discovers a guide about magic at the local library. To be able to save your self his mom from wrongful accusations, Theo clubs up along with his friend Bonnav and Laura, to produce a secret band that …


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