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The Weather Man 2005 Watch Online
The Weather Man 2005 Watch Online
Hope Davis, Michael Caine, Nicolas Cage
Comedy, Drama
Escape Artists, Kumar Mobiliengesellschaft mbH & Co. Projekt Nr. 2 KG, Paramount Pictures



A Chicago weather man, separated from his wife and children, debates whether professional and personal success are mutually exclusive.


A Dallas weatherman, separated from kids and his partner, dialogues whether professional and individual achievement are exclusive.

Is maestro Gore Verbinski worried were not acquiring him seriously enough? Having produced his pack with all the megahit ‘Pirates of the Caribbean, today he gets all self-consciously arty with this serio-amusing face of a fortysomething guy in a tail-spin because hes fabulously overpaid for his job that is undemanding. Hello, we ought to all have such issues, but Nicolas Cage works wonders in handling sad-eyed gloom with home-abasing humour as a Dallas Television weather man (he doesnt do the forecasting, simply waves his biceps facing the autocue) mired in depression as he ends nearer to a level heftier payday over a national breakfast position. Its all a veritable acme of superficiality next to the Pulitzer-winning accomplishments of his troubled novelist dad (Michael Caine). Meanwhile, his spouse is remarrying, his teenage son has drugs troubles, and his children morosely chubby.

Obviously, the movies advertising is enjoying up the fun angle (chortle as passers by repeatedly throw food at that wanker from your telly!), but basically this is an extended love-me-love-me bleat, the exaggerated contrivances of which just obscure whatever unpleasant facts might lie beneath. Maybe an Payne could have created anything but solely by planing off caricature’s gathered levels to find the quiet desperation inside. Nonetheless, a nod for that semblance of ambition in even broaching some rather essential concerns, breaks due here, while Cage is incredibly recreation while in the circumstances and Caine, as ever, can be a type of unforced fulfillment. And its fundamental concern is truly one for the situations: if you’re conscious of your own shallowness, does that mean youare still trivial?


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