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Tortoise in Love 2012 Watch Online
Tortoise in Love 2012 Watch Online
Alice Zawadzki, Tom Mitchelson, Tom Yates
Immense Productions, KBS Films



Tortoise in Love is a feel-good romantic comedy in the tradition of Local Hero, Calendar Girls and The Full Monty. It's about an incredibly slow mover in love and the village that tries to speed him up. The entire film is set in the beautiful English countryside of the Vale of the White Horse in Oxfordshire. The story of the making of Tortoise in Love could almost be a film in itself. Almost the entire village of Kingston Bagpuize in Oxfordshire was involved in the making of the film. Young mums helped with the sales and design and publicity. Retired folk provided the drivers and stewards and props and logistics support. The Women's Institute organised a phenomenal catering effort and all the cast and crew were lodged in village homes for the duration of the shoot.


Turtle in Love is really a feel good romantic comedy while in the tradition of The Full Monty, Schedule Females and Also Regional Idol. It truly is about the town that tries to speed up him and also a remarkably slow mover in love. The whole video is about within the wonderful British countryside of the Vale of the Horse in Oxfordshire. The making-of Tortoise in Love’s narrative may practically become a movie alone. Virtually the entire town of Kingston Bagpuize in Oxfordshire was active in the makingof the video. Fresh moms helped with the revenue and design and promotion. Retired people offered stewards and the drivers and props and logistics assistance. The Ladies’s Institute organized most of the throw and a catering work and team were stuck in community houses for your length of the capture.



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