Commonly Asked Questions - FAQ

Understanding Player
There are two types of player : 1. The New Player, and 2. The Old Player
If you see "play on desktop, firefox or chrome only" in red font, its mean is a New Player, if you not found words in red font, that mean it is a Old Player.
New Player is based on torrent, prevent video link from banned and only works if your device had +-1GB intenal memory, which generally mobile device not had.
For some video that no many views is still in Old Player, you can watch on mobile and also on desktop, if we detect broken it will auto swiched in to New Player in 1-2hours.

Video that get many views mush be moved in to New Player, our system cannot catch up replacing banned links that happen repetitive in minute interval

at moment we still looking for better solution

The video not load
- For Old Player, Please report to us
- For New Player, Clear you Cokies and cache, if stil dont works, your ISP may be blocking torrent port

Please upload 'sometitle' movie
- First thing first, try do a search from search fungtion.
- Request with format [SomeMovieTitle][Year] is OK
- Request with format [ImdbLink] is OK
- Request with format [ImdbId] is better
- will ignore: 'please upload harry potter movie with katie'
- will ignore: 'please upload harry potter movie which katie kissing harry'
- will ignore: 'please upload harry potter 3 movie'

- We will look and search for 'sometitle' movie and post if proper quality is available (BlueRay,DVD,DVDRip,HD,HDRip,WEB-DL,WEBRip), We not post for low qualty video like CAM, Telesync, HDCAM

Where is the subtitle (cc)?
Plase undestand that not all movie had subtitle, our subtitle is provide and supported by, and is supported by their community.
Play the video, when the video playing properly, hover mouse to bottom of player, then click the CC logo
If you don't find the CC logo, it mean that movie is not had any subtitles.

The subtitle is not sync properly?
- For Old Player, use sync button to sync it
- For New Player, sorry i need time to develope it, will develope as soon i had time :)